Jeannette Rankin

Champion of Persistence

A 2018 MN Fringe show


J Emily Peabody

Is the writer and original performer  of JEANNETTE RANKIN: CHAMPION OF PERSISTENCE a one hour show about the first woman elected to congress from the state of Montana in 1916.  JR is famous for casting the only vote against the US entrance into the Second World War. But, Jeannette was so much more than that. You must see and hear this incredible historical drama.


Thorn Productions is always looking for new places to share Jeannette's incredible story. Contact us for more information.

In 1917 Jeannette joins the Miner's Union after a devastating fire  kills 167 workers.

Coming Soon

Lakes Area Move to Amend 

Mar 30th in Brainerd MN 

Tornstrom Auditorium

 804 Oak St 

Brainerd, MN 

7 PM 

KCFringe in July

Indy Fringe in August


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